Product Selection

  • We work with innovating companies that have been around for decades. We don’t look at companies that copy products
  • Our inverter selections are in the top 5 products in the world. All are future proof for battery storage
  • Our rails and fixings that we select are known to be the most superior products in the world (specifically designed for coastal applications)
  • Our DC isolators are German designed and made and have been a proven product
  • Our choice of Solar panels are high-performing with a greater return on your investment
  • Our installations, as you can see by our testimonials, are of the highest standard

How we work

Trustworthy, personal service – a solution to suit your needs. Solar Energy is our future and is a sound investment. Therefore it’s important you obtain the correct information before purchasing a Solar system. Sunshine Coast Solar Solutions has a wealth of information and knowledge relating to solar panels and the field of photovoltaic technology. We are licenced and Accredited Design and Installers for domestic and commercial solar systems up to 200kw with our business based out of the Sunshine Coast. We cover the Wide Bay region, The Burnett, Bundaberg, The Mary Valley and The Somerset Region. Solar Power is our passion and profession. With lower overheads and strong business relationships, we will be around in years to come, delivering the complete solar package you expect. With ongoing development in the solar industry, we continue to grow our expertise by attending conferences, direct product training both nationally and globally and sourcing new and better techniques for solar installations.


Maintaining your solar. We check all of your panels, racking, wiring, inverter and the overall performance of your system. We also collect valuable performance data from your inverter to ensure that you are producing the maximum power from your system. This data is used as a benchmark of peak performance which we then compare each year thereafter. Yearly performance benchmarking will ensure your system is performing within or above the Clean Energy Council guidelines, based on recommendations in the Australian Standard AS NZS 5033,  4777 Your solar power cleaning and health check service includes:
• Yearly professional solar panel cleaning
• Shade impact inspections and assessment
• Micro cracking and hotspot inspection




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Solar PV Myths & Facts.

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Please open the below document to read our Solar maintenance recommendations.
Maintenance Recommendations PDF

Please open the below document to read about connection to the Solar Grid.
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